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What Is Blackberry ?

                                                      What Is Blackberry?
In this article, I will try to decipher the Blackberry in terms of technology, advantages, and disadvantages. If you need information on the Blackberry, this article is well suited to heating. Even so, readers who already have a Blackberry also can add to his knowledge from reading this article.
Problems That accomplished by Blackberry
In the era of super fast-moving current, constant flow of information, while access to such information can be said is still relatively expensive in Indonesia.

Just imagine, in our country the cost of the phone (PSTN), local / long distance calls are still subject to Cost / minute. In developed countries like the United States usually do not fare was calculated based on the amount of usage; disposable pay the full. Not to mention the cost to own mobile phones (mobile,) sms, internet, etc..
This is where the Blackberry in to solve the problem. Although not exhaustive, these problems are outlined above fairly resolved by using a Blackberry. Let's look further.
Integrated Communications Solutions
Push Email, Instant Messaging and Other Applications

Blackberry integrate many "communication tool" in one place. Email, instant messaging (chat) and other communication applications (such as news readers,) is very well integrated with the Blackberry.
Push Email
For most of us, email is one of the most important component in communication. In general we have to read an email from an email client (browser-based or software-based) to retrieve (pull) a letter from the server. With your Blackberry emails from several sources (up to 10 email addresses) can be driven (push) to a Blackberry device. So like get SMS only; where we just have to wait for the arrival of a message from someone.

Instant Messaging (IM)
Blackberry can be categorized as smart phones (smartphones). And like any other smartphone smartphone, the Blackberry can be installed a variety of applications that support it. One of the most important category of applications on the Blackberry is Instant Messaging. If your users:
    Windows Messenger
    Google Talk
you would greatly appreciate it if the application-application has a Blackberry because you do not need to be in front of the computer to be able to continue communicating with your Friend/relatif. In addition, the Blackberry itself has a messenger who called Blackberry Messenger uses PIN (to be discussed below) to be able to communicate with your contacts.

Inbox / Messages
For each email address that you entered into the BlackBerry device, they will have an icon to access it. Imagine if you have 10 email that you setup on your device! Also if you use different kinds of messenger at the same time, you will definitely be bothered to find which ones need your attention.
Fortunately, RIM's engineers solved this problem by making a fruit icons / folder that allows you to access all types of communication (email and IM but not SMS / MMS) in one folder.

Web Browsing
BlackBerry devices are also equipped with a built-in browser you can use to browse any sites. In addition, Opera Mini can also be installed as an additional browser if you are not satisfied with the Blackberry default browser.

Phone Book
What's so special about a phone book? Phone Book on the Blackberry is very integrated with other applications installed on the device. You can integrate your IM contacts into Phone Book Blackberry so you can contact someone in many ways from the phone book entries in the Blackberry.

Other Applications
Currently the number of applications for Blackberry incredible amount, it can be said beyond the number of applications for Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile-based rival telephone.

What Is Needed To Enjoy the Blackberry?
BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) and BlackBerry Connect

BIS (Blackberry Internet Service)
RIM, maker of Blackberry devices, has a data center to facilitate communication Blackberry users. Communications than the Blackberry handheld is connected to a data center which is then forwarded to the respective destination. Facilities such as BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and BIS Browser innate need to be working.

Currently there is an incorrect assumption that someone must have a Blackberry phone from RIM (Research In Motion) to be able to enjoy (almost all) of the facilities described above.

Blackberry Connect
If your handset supports BlackBerry Connect, you do not need to buy a Blackberry handset. Self-activation plan your Blackberry from the Service Provider, and voila! you connect to the BIS and can enjoy the facility of internet / push-email 24 hours.
Do I Need BIS Plan and Unlimited Broadband Plan?
No. BIS itself is an internet plan that you can use for all purposes that require an internet connection. But not vice versa, if you only have a Broadband plan you can not enjoy the BIS service.

But keep in mind, application-applications such as Opera Mini does not use the BIS as an internet providernya. So you will be charged extra if there are applications that do not use the BIS (and usually not cheap!)
PIN, ping, fuel, gprs / GPRS
Every Blackberry device has a PIN (a unique ID such as ID card number) that can be used to communicate directly with (without intermediary servers) other devices.

This facility can be used to seek attention (like Buzz on Messenger or Live Messenger Nudge on) other Blackberry users.

gprs / GPRS, 3g/3G - uppercase and lowercase letters
If you connect with the BIS, Blackberry device will show a capital letter (3G or GPRS.) Make sure you have a connection or you will be charged extra if you're using an internet connection.

A Blackberry user can not escape from device.

Hard Reset
Reset by removing the battery Blackberry without first turn off the handset. Usually used if unable to connect to BIS in a specified period.

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