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How To Unlock the Blackberry Storm ?

How To Unlock the Blackberry Storm? This question has been discussed ad nauseum in the forum by customers desperate for answers. But this solution is actually very simple.
Take your world with what Storm Research In Motion or RIM said mobile phone users when they launch their first touch screen smart phone in 2008. But the users face barriers when they discover that the phone is SIM locked by default.
This is not a new problem. another phone before Storm also locked and service providers in the first sticky about unlocking the phone when the treaty was first introduced.
But what exactly is a SIM lock? And why the handset comes with a key? Is it for security reasons? Not exactly. Economics is not a security issue top of mind when they introduced the service provider facility that proved to be a barrier to the customer.
SIM lock basically means that you can use the phone only with designated service providers. If you try to switch your network, your phone will only say "Insert correct SIM card".
SIM lock is also called the network lock or subsidy lock can be applied to different parameters. This means that mobile phones can be locked to a specific country, service provider or the type of SIM. 

Locking the handset to a particular service provider guarantee the bearer a fixed amount of revenue each time the handset is sold.
All you have to do is call your service provider and they will open you to your Storm. Or you can send an email. What will you get is the code that you need to type into your phone and will be open at once.
In the U.S., there is a rider, though. There are two GSM operators - T-Mobile and AT & T Wireless. Both will allow you to unlock your Blackberry Storm if you have an active account and have paid your bills regularly for a minimum period of 90 days. T-Mobile, however, insist that you pay full retail price for your handset (no discount) and provide proof of purchase.
But there is no law governing the locking device in the United States and Britain so that you can not get to court from your network operator refused to unlock your phone. On the other hand, countries such as Singapore provider of handset locking bar.
In addition to ensuring a minimum amount to improve revenue for service providers, the phone is SIM locked because customers often sell expensive phones after the opening at a price higher than retail price. To guard against this practice, network operators make it mandatory for customers to buy airtime in bulk to the handset to recover the cost price of the handset.

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