Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

Free Facebook the messenger dedicated App, takes point on Google plus lime and Blackberry

Facebook develops the relative system of mobile message. L' ; company announced this afternoon a new portable application called Messenger which one all alone lever in feet of the relative original platform app. Will be available for l' Android and l' ; IOS and is a dynamic displacement from like Facebook s' is approximate with the relative mobile products, by maintaining all all' ; interior of the relative dedicated platform app. Facebook now taken a step in the territory of l' maintenance for l' Android and the messenger of Blackberry and obtains more neighbor to be had at a platform unified to align communications. The messenger is reasonably simple. If you employ the messenger of Blackberry then you should be able to include/understand Facebook' ; newer offered S (without the system of confusionario of PINE of Blackberry). The messenger can even make the conversation of the group, qu' he puts it in competition with Google plus the function of crowd in relative the app mobile sull' ; IOS and on l' Android. What you they think of Facebook' ; new initiative of the messenger of S? Is it something which project on while employing? The messenger of Facebook is produced bélouga, which Facebook acquired in Mars, right first dell' ; j' start SXSW. It was started employees Lucy Zhang, Bien Davenport and John Perlow of l' Ex-Google. The bélouga was released in Apple' ; I deposit S d' App in November 2010 and must impress some sviluppatori
with Facebook puisqu' it n' was not even six months d' access that Facebook came swooping in. Zhang wrote l' ; alberino of the blog on Facebook which announces the messenger. " ; The messenger is a separate app, it takes only one release to obtain with your messages or to transmit new. The messages are transported through the notifications and the witnesses, your friends are more probable to obtain them quickly, " ; Zhang wrote. " ; You can employ the messenger to join all your friends - if they' ; King on Facebook or in your contacts of I telephone. Very that you must make is scriv person' ; with machine; S name." ; 
" ; defined; I project Titan" ; d' access that is announced, the messenger is un' ; another phase nell' ; inauguration d' a new product of Facebook' ; inbox unified S. Facebook' ; the philosophy of message of S.A. three principal ideas: 1) message without commissions, 2) history of conversation and 3) the " ; inbox." ; social; Measurements of the messenger well in this philosophy. Modernizations of the messenger will be in the " ; inbox" ; social; but moreover they will be sull' ; application and I test. It can even add the details of position to the case wanted to transmit for radio exactly to your friends where you are, to the case wanted to meet you in on for drinks, lace, films or the coffee. To invite more good news to come from Facebook in l' space mobile like the details and the characteristics of supposedly " ; You project Spartan" ; they are unrolled before much next months. The messenger is interesting, if unoriginal, one moves of Facebook. However, it can hardly be the point dell' ; iceberg.

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